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CTR Bike Brands include Trek, Gary Fisher and Specialized Bicycles.
CTR Bikes Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message
Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message
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CTR Bikes are exclusively available ONLY to LDS missionaries.
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CTR Bikes offers
THE ONLY Guaranteed Bike Replacement
Program available to
missionaries in the
event of theft or
major damage.
Each Missionary Bike purchase includes all of the basic accessories you need to round out your bike. Select your bike to view the included accessories.

Missionary Bike Articles

CTR Bikes offers these missionary bicycle articles to help guide and inform you to making the best decisions towards your LDS missionary bike purchase. Should you have any questions concerning our LDS missionary bike articles, or any other missionary bike related questions, please contact CTR Bikes for more information.

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