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CTR Bikes Answers Your Crucial Bike-Buying Questions

There are always efforts by others to bring missionary bikes to your attention. You may want to check out these sources, but you also need to know where the real values are. Here are your benefits in selecting CTR Bikes:

The best bicycle brands

Trek is number 1 in the U.S., Raleigh, Fuji, SE and Recreation are also quality, popular bicycles. Top selling brands mean assured quality and back-up service. CTR Bikes does not believe in lesser known or private label brands.

The best theft protection

Neither “free” replacement programs nor programs with high deductibles are necessarily best. The real test is what you eventually pay for the entire package and the assurance that an accident-destroyed or stolen bike is going to be replaced. It’s easy to hide “free” replacement costs in package selling prices, and that is not “free”.

The fastest service

CTR Bikes can prepare a bike package for shipment in 24 to 48 hours and ship it to any U.S. mission in 3 to 4 days, and we’re never out of bikes. Nobody can do it better or faster with completely assembled, tuned, adjusted, lubricated and test-ridden bikes delivered on time.

The best values

Look at CTR Bikes prices and consider our quality brands, the total number and value of accessories included, and our support services. Dollar for dollar CTR Bikes has always offered the best values, which ultimately means the most savings for you. We don’t inflate prices to show fictitious dramatic savings.

The best selection

CTR Bikes offers 20 different models, not 3 or 4. You will determine what you pay and get what you want from an extensive selection. CTR Bikes offers the lowest starting prices and, where necessary, the most value in extra heavy duty bike packages.

The best service

It’s all about continuing service throughout the mission, and that doesn’t mean just service at the mission office location, but rather service support wherever you’re located. An ongoing toll-free telephone service support system with local service provided as needed is available to every missionary riding a CTR Bike.

The best reputation

Without a doubt, CTR Bikes has earned an enviable reputation for excellence surpassed by no one. Over 16 years of continuing service with thousands and thousands and thousands of bikes provided for missionaries assures that you are dealing with a highly reputable, recommended missionary bike resource.

Ask your mission

Ask other missionaries – Ask missionary parents – You’ll hear more positive comments and compliments about CTR Bikes than any other source for missionary bikes.