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What Is A Missionary Bike?

A missionary bicycle is the most identifiable tool a missionary has.

Many young men walk and drive around wearing shirts, ties and suits. But how many dressed like that ride bicycles — only our missionaries.

A missionary bicycle promotes person to person communication.

It's never easier to talk with interested individuals than when you encounter them on the street, in a park, or outside of a supermarket, while riding your bike.

A missionary bicycle helps preserve our environment.

"Greening" our planet is a significant concern to many folks. When you ride by on your missionary bike, you're bound to get a thumb's up.

A missionary bicycle puts you in closer touch with creation.

Riding along on a beautiful day truly gives you a spiritual uplift when you see, hear and smell all of nature around you.

A missionary bicycle is one of the best forms of exercise you can get.

For low impact, high energy exercise, it's hard to beat the effective contribution cycling makes to your quality of life.

A missionary bicycle helps build humility when you really need it.

Riding along through mud puddles and up steep hills brings you to a level of drop-to-your-knees humility faster than anything except an out and out miracle.

A missionary bicycle promotes mechanical aptitudes and skills.

Any missionary who returns after his mission and intends to get married will certainly want to acquire mechanical competency and skills. What better way than maintaining a missionary bike for two years.

So — get a good missionary bike. Select it carefully, and spend your money wisely. Remember, the cheapest bike breaks first.