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Welcome to CTR Bikes, the Number One supplier of Latter-Day Saint Missionary bikes in the U.S. We are here to serve you quickly, completely, and continuously. Our service extends to all U.S. Missions, and is exclusive to Latter-Day Saint Missionaries only. For your security our orders are all submitted online,
and we reserve our phone contacts to answer your questions, and to help you select the right Missionary Bike Package. We have over 20 years of experience and have provided over 15,000 bikes to Missionaries throughout the U.S.

CTR Bikes is your trusted source for Missionary Bikes:

Quality: We offer the very best brand available in the U.S.

Selection: We offer over 15 different bicycle models with the intent to have you always spend less rather than more.

Variety: You can select from mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and comfort bikes depending on the kind of ride you will need in the mission. We can provide any model available among our three brands.

Value: We consistently sell for less. We don't inflate stated prices to make it appear as though you are saving more money.

Savings: All replacement parts not under warranty are sold at cost with no profit taken. That means significant savings, always.

Protection: Our goal is to never leave a missionary without a bike. If the attempt is made to properly lock a bike and it is stolen, we replace it. Or, if the bike is significantly damaged in an accident, we replace it. There are no written reports required.

Service: We are always there to serve with a toll-free number right on the bike and to provide local service as needed throughout every area of your mission.

Ride-ready bikes: Every bike is assembled, adjusted, lubricated and test-ridden prior to shipment. The time to unpack the bike is 15-20 minutes.

The right bike for you: The right bike for missionaries means the right model for the rider. Our bikes are weight-graded. You don't pay for more bike than you need or get less than required for your weight.

The right accessories: We supply all the bike accessories needed as part of the bike package. We never offer cable or chain locks which can be easily defeated with a pry bar — the thieves favorite tool.

Guidance in getting a bike sent home: Call us before sending a bike home and we’ll tell you how to get it there most efficiently and economically.

Experience: Our reputation precedes us — ask other missionaries, ask your mission, ask other parents — we have over 20 years as an experienced vendor and the number one mission bike supplier in the U.S.