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Bike Replacement Warranty

Please read carefully

We offer a Guaranteed Bike Replacement program for both stolen and accident-destroyed bikes as follows:

A $100.00 fee paid at the time of purchase covers:

  • One replacement bike equal to the original bike if it has been stolen while properly locked. This means locking only one bike per lock using only the U-Lock provided by CTR Bikes and the bike having been correctly locked to a secure object. (Review CTR Bikes’ video to see exactly how to lock the bike.)
  • An accident-destroyed bike that has an estimated repair cost close to the original value of the bike.
  • Add the Guaranteed Bike Replacement Program to your shopping cart when you shop for accessories.

If a bike is stolen while incorrectly locked with the wrong lock or our U-lock, or not locked at all, we are unable to replace it. We urge you to review our theft prevention video and to lock your bike exactly as shown.

Theft Prevention

Here is a video that you may review to learn how to keep your bike from being stolen during the time of your mission.