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Guaranteed Bike Replacement Program

CTR Bikes offers a Guaranteed Bike Replacement Program for stolen and accident totaled bikes. The fee for this program is $100 paid at time of your order. The program is completely hassle-free - no paperwork or reports required. To ensure replacement, keep your bike locked at all times with the lock we provide to a secure object, one bike per lock. If theft or damage should occur, all you need to do is call to report it, and within 5 business days, a bike equivalent in value to your original purchase, equipped with a kickstand, will be sent to your mission office. In addition, we suggest you enroll the replacement bike in the GBR Program as well. The Guaranteed Bike Replacement Program is automatically added to each Bike Package order.

Retail Price: $100

Standard Accessory Package

Helmet (Bell by Dart), Kickstand, (Greenfield), Light Set front/back (Serfas SL-200 Light Set), Pant Strap, Tool Set, U-lock, (Bulldog), Water Bottle Cage, Water Bottle, Pedal Wrench

Retail Price: $217

Standard Helmet - Dart by Bell *Included in standard accessory package

A Federally approved helmet is a must! Our standard Bell helmet fits the bill.

Retail Price: $39

UPGRADE HELMET - Solstice by Bontrager

Upgrade Helmet - by Bontrager. Meets CPSC (USA) and 1078 (EUROPE) Bicycle Safety Standards.

Retail Price: $45

Kickstand - Standard *Included in standard accessory package

A necessity for our Basic Bike.

Retail Price: $17

Pack by Camelbak Rogue

Lightweight Cycling Hydration System ideal for 2+ hours on the road or trail.

Retail Price: $65

Standard Tool Kit - by Bontrager *Included in standard accessory package

This handy tool kit will help you keep things on your bike tightened up for safety.

Retail Price: $17

Tool Kit - by ALiEN II

Often copied but never duplicated, the ALiEN II is still the best. A clever break-apart design makes it easy to find and use the right tool.

Retail Price: $45

Air Pressure Tire Gauge

Get this handy pocket-sized air gauge and keep your tires aired up properly. Low-on-air tires mean more flats. Don't go out without it!

Retail Price: $8

Maintenance Kit

An absolute necessity for all missionaries.

Retail Price: $40

Tire Pump - Mini Dual DX by Topeak

Frame mounted tire pump

Retail Price: $24

Floor Pump - Topeak Joe Blow Sport

A sporty floor pump at a great price!

Retail Price: $44

Handlebar Ends by Bontrager

Simplistic style, traditional shape.

Retail Price: $20

Bike Gloves - Solstice by Bontrager

(17.5-19.0 cm / 6.9"-7.5") Enjoy your ride even more with the comfort and great style and fit of Solstice Gloves.

Retail Price: $22

Bike Computer by GoTime

Keep an eye on your speed, distance and more with wireless ease when the GOTime cycling computer is clipped to your bars. Set-up is a breeze. The large LCD screen is easy to read and the integrated clip mount allows you to instantly remove the computer and put it in your pocket when you reach your destination.

Retail Price: $37.5

Men's Comfort Leather Seat by Bontrager - for men weighing MORE than 200 lbs.


Retail Price: $37

Women's Comfort Leather Seat by Bontrager - for women weighing more than 200 lbs.

Most comfortable for sisters weighing more than 200 lbs.

Retail Price: $37

Standard U-Lock - OnGuard Bulldog *Included in standard accessory package.

The finest standard U-lock available included as our regular lock in our bike packages.

Retail Price: $39

Topeak Fender Set (front/back)

Protect your clothing from wet weather with a set of fenders.

Retail Price: $55

Beam Rack - Quick Release MTX by Topeak

Carries up to 20 lbs.

Retail Price: $52

Flat Pack by Bontrager

Everything you need to quickly fix a flat

Retail Price: $59

Serfas LED Lightset - front/back *Included in standard accessory package.

Our new and improved lightset for higher visibility on the road. Headlight: Side lighting for 180-degree visibility. Easy battery access. Tail Light: 15 Micro LED strip. IPX4 Waterproof. AAA Battery (x2).

Retail Price: $69

Thorn Resistant Tubes/set

This upgrade is a must for elders who, like Nephi, are large in stature, or who travel in areas with lots of road debris. Your incidence of flats will be reduced with these thorn resistant tubes. Two tubes per package. RECOMMENDED FOR MISSIONARIES WEIGHING OVER 200 lbs.

Retail Price: $24

Kevlar Tires by Bontrager

Recommended for missionaries over 200 lbs.

Retail Price: $69