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Questions & Answers

Common CTR Bike Questions

Here's where we can answer most of the questions you will probably have about our program. If you don't find what you're looking for, we stand ready to help you when you call us on our toll-free number at 1 (205) 482-4757.

Is there a charge if I cancel or return my order? - +

Each bike purchased from CTR Bikes is custom assembled with the options you order, before shipping it to the designated mission. Due to this, we reserve the right to apply a 15% restocking/disassembly fee for all bike packages canceled after final assembly and packaging. Please contact us if a situation arises and it becomes necessary to cancel your order. Once a bike leaves our distribution facility we are unable to accept any returns.

Is there somewhere I can view your bicycles? - +

We believe our website provides very complete information about our bike packages, but, if you are in the vicinity of any of our affiliated CTR Clothing stores, stop in and they will show you a video about our bikes and our program.

How long does it take to assemble the bicycle? - +

Each bicycle is assembled, tuned, and test ridden prior to shipping. To ship the bicycle, the front wheel is removed, the pedals are removed, the seat is removed, and the handlebar is removed. Complete re-assembly should not take more than 20 minutes.

Is there a theft protection program for my bike? - +

We offer a Guaranteed Bike Replacement program for both stolen and accident-destroyed bikes as follows:

  • A $100.00 fee paid at the time of purchase covers: One replacement bike equal to the original bike if it has been stolen while properly locked. This means locking only one bike per lock using only the U-Lock provided by CTR Bikes and the bike having been correctly locked to a secure object. (Review CTR Bikes' video to see exactly how to lock the bike.) Or, an accident-destroyed bike that has an estimated repair cost close to the original value of the bike.
This is a hassle-free, honor system program. No proof of loss is required, and no reports are needed. Simply report the theft to CTR Bikes by calling our toll-free number, (205) 482-4757, and a new bike will be provided in keeping with the above guidelines.

How do I get warranty service or help when I need it? - +

Contact the toll-free number adjacent to the CTR logo on your bike. A service technician will be available during regular working hours to assist you.

How do I know my bike is going to get where it needs to be on time? - +

If you order your bike on time, it will arrive on time. We are set up and ready to handle all orders in a timely fashion, but a caution - don't wait until a day before you leave for the MTC to place your bike order. Order it as soon as you receive the information from your Mission office. We cannot achieve on-time deliveries when orders are placed late.

I am a person of very large stature. What bike should I buy? - +

Please call CTR Bikes at: 1 (205) 482-4757 so that we can help you properly select a bike.

If I want to upgrade some of the accessories on the bike I select, how does that work? - +

Once you have selected the bike you are interested in, you will be able to add accessories or make upgrades on the bike detail page. Note that upgrades will replace the existing components on your selected bike, or replace the standard accessories. If you select the upgrade, then you will not get the original equipment it replaces, and the upgraded accessory, such as wheels, saddle, etc., will be installed on your bike at the time of shipment.

Tell me more about the accessories you are going to provide. - +

The selection of included accessories fulfills the Church's requirements for a lock, a light set and a helmet. In addition, we have added a kickstand, tool kit, water bottle & cage, and pant strap. The quality of every accessory is tops. No junk- just good products.

What do I need to do to keep the warranty on my CTR Bike in full effect? - +

Make sure to keep the bike in good repair, properly lubricated and tuned up, and most of all - use it for its purpose and not for abusive riding. Particularly, remember to keep your pedal crank arms tightened weekly. Have the bike tuned regularly by a competent bike shop (we suggest every 3 months per your amount of riding). The cost for this service is for your account, and is not included in your warranty package. (This is typical of most warranties on bikes and cars.)

What is covered by my bike warranty? - +

Any part or component that is defective when you receive the bike, or breaks due to a manufacturing defect. Regular wear and tear or excessive abuse is not covered.

What lock should I select? - +

We always recommend the U-lock because it is much harder for thieves to defeat.

What makes CTR Bikes the best missionary bikes available? - +

Several things - They represent maximum value for money spent; quality is top grade in both components and frames; service is exemplary; more included accessories are offered; and all CTR Bikes are completely assembled, tuned, adjusted and test ridden prior to shipping.

Why is purchasing a missionary bike through the CTR Bike program better than buying from a dealer? - +

CTR Bikes provides a full two-year warranty; the dealer provides only one year. CTR Bikes sells bikes at less than half the profit usually earned by a dealer - that means better values and savings. CTR Bikes provides a full complement of accessories at significantly reduced prices. All CTR Bikes are always discounted.